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About Us

HYPECAT Universe is an NFT project with 3,333 supplies with high quality art. Drawing by talented Artist from Bali.

In this universe we will meet many different types of cats with the trait of high quality art. Together with HYPECAT Universe we will build a new brand and a big community. To realize our roadmap.

Cat Squad

Seven years experience in marketing manager, ten years in crypto and almost one year developing NFT Project.

Komang Surya Angga Raditya is a Young Artist from Bali, Indonesia, with 22 years of fine art experience. He has a strong passion for the arts and is constantly honing his skills to bring fresh ideas to every creative industry through his career as a Designer, Artist and Illustrator. Apart from owning several clothing brands and a studio gallery named “22 Art Studio Bali”, Bonaventura is also active as a mural artist. An an artist, Bonaventura aspires to master a variety of drawing styles, ranging from traditional to modern. He has received numerous awards in the arts. He has also been featured in the media (newspapers, magazines, and television) as a Balinese Young Artist who preserves traditional arts through modern media.

Join With Us

Since the first day of this project we made. We hope to create a strong and solid community. Let’s join us.